06/03/2006 - 18:44 Following useful feedback from Cocoa UltraSMS user Vasilis van Gemert two small bugs got stomped on that appear to affect some international users after 10.4.5 came out. No encoding support yet I'm afraid! Download version A4 below.


The SMS Cocoa framework is a Cocoa framework for decoding SMS messages in PDU format. It is available under the LGPL and hence the full source code is provided. Instructions on how to use the framework are included in the XCode project.

If you create an interesting application with this framework please drop me an email! This currently needs a bit of modification to get going with GNUstep, if someone fancies fixing this and sending the changes back that would be great! Thanks to Rob Burns for starting this process.

Currently I am using this in Cocoa UltraSMS, SMS Voter and a few other unfinished applications.

Tim Ellis


SMS.framework-src-A4.zip - Project source code
SMS.framework-A4.zip - Precompiled system framework
SMS-Bundled.framework-A4.zip - Precompiled bundled framework
SMS-Tester Application - Precompiled with bundled framework

If you find the SMS Framework useful please consider making a donation via paypal, no matter how small!